555 Studios
555 Studios.
Virtual productions,
Real impacts.

A revolutionary virtual production environment where real and virtual merge to provide a complete solution for content creators on projects of all sizes and budgets.

555 Studios
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Why embrace
virtual production?

With more creative freedom, the sky is the limit

Without the limitations inflicted by conventional productions, the structure of 555 Studios broadens the possibilities of creative work and allows squads to take advantage of all the power of virtual production without hurdles to creativity.

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Much more content in much less time

Compared to conventional production, virtual production allows three times more content to be produced with the same time, which leads to a 40% savings in displacement and logistics.

Photorealistic scenarios
one-click away

Less physical sets, more time and more freedom to experiment. With virtual production, switching scenarios happens at the click of a button. The gains in logistic and investment are outstanding.

Ultra-realistic lighting
in real-time.

Virtual production offers accurate foreground lighting in real-time, without the need of post-production projection mapping, for example – especially when shooting reflective surfaces as of a car.

Digital twins:
the pinnacle of asset optimization.

From model of cars to factories or even entire chain stores, once a digital replica is created for use in virtual production, the sky is the limit on the uses that these assets can be put to, at a fraction of the investment.

More sustainable productions

With the reduction of displacements of staff and equipment, the construction of less practical sets and shorter production time, the use of virtual production drastically reduces the environmental impact compared to conventional productions.

Virtual Set vs. Location

Carbon footprint analysis

Total tons CO2e
Tons CO2e/hour
Displacement cost
*Source: Quite Brilliant

Productions no longer dependent on weather conditions.

Produce in any weather, at any time. Night film when it's day. Day film when it's night. The set you need is just a click away.

customization of locations.

Each production demands specific challenges and conditions. 555 Studios adapts in order to respond with great efficiency to each one of them, which optimizes time and resources.


How does virtual production work?


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specifications and expertise

Our 650m² facility is equipped with 2 virtual production environments, the 555 Volume 6K and the Stage 4K. We also offer parking, meeting spaces, production rooms, pre-vis, catering, dressing rooms and the entire structure for productions to take place in an optimized and comfortable way.

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Technology Director

Responsible for the customization and general integration of systems.

Tracking Specialist

Responsible for tracking systems operation.

Unreal Operator

Specialist in the game engine and in the generation and manipulation of environments and virtual assets for LedWall.

Disguise Operator

Responsible for delivering AR and XR design elements.

Camera Guru

Our bridge between the physical and the digital, responsible for supporting and enabling the work of the photography director.


Responsible for everything related to logistics and production.

Only we have

Why is 555 Studios unique in Brazil?


Volume 4K

  • 1.9mm high resolution LED panel
  • 11m wide x 4m high
  • The only one in Brazil with these characteristics

Volume 6K

  •  200º curved panel and 10-bit HDR
  • More than 1 billion colors
  • Realistic immersion
  • Real reflections and lighting
  • Perfect parallax in 3D environments

Complete Structure

  •  Different tracking systems
  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • DMX lighting with automation integration between lighting and panels
  • 4 dedicated servers for real-time 3D rendering

We are in good

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